Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Life Church

The Shelton Family
Pastor Chris Shelton
    In 2013 and 2014, changes occurred which led to the dissolution of the High Rock Church and the formation of a new church at the West campus, called LIFE CHURCH.  Pastor Chris Shelton, who formerly pastored the West High Rock campus, remained as our pastor at the new Life Church.  He and his wife Molly have four children (they have had a new son since the above picture was taken).

  We are excited about the new church and its potential to reach many people with the gospel in our community.  Since the start of the new church, we have grown in both numbers and maturity.

  It was during this time of stretching and growing that my dad became sick and ultimately left us for heaven.   My mom, sister and I all miss my dad.  The folks at my church have been incredibly supportive, as have all of our friends and family.

  I look forward to sharing more about "life at Life Church."  Stay tuned... 

Monday, August 12, 2013

My Pastors

   As I said in the other post, I came back to my hometown in 2009 looking and praying for a different kind of church.  I had been to a lot of churches in my past.  I wanted a dynamic type of church, one that was really moving forward and full of energy and enthusiasm about God and his work.  I also asked for a church that was near to me.  I ended up getting both.. High Rock-West is about eight blocks from my house!

    I was just having a conversation with my former pastor Jon Allen yesterday in which we related that I had showed up for the very first Opening Service at High Rock-West on Nov. 1, 2009.  At that time we were meeting in what is now the Kids Room, or we call it the Annex.  Back then, it was a 175-seat worship auditorium that was wall-to-wall people every Sunday.  We eventually were having a Saturday night service and three services on Sunday, at 8:30, 10:00 and 11:30.  As we were out-growing (we actually did that the very first service) this auditorium, we moved down-the-hall to a 325-seat auditorium which more suited our needs at the time.

Bob with Jon & Jess Allen @ MB Campus
   In 2012, plans were announced to open new church campuses, one of which was to be in Myrtle Beach.  Several of the pastors had been praying for this area, as we found out that over 90% of the people that actually live in Myrtle Beach do not attend any church.  Many churches try to start in Myrtle Beach, and do not succeed.  It is a big step of faith to move into this area, but Jon and Jess Allen made the commitment to do so.   I don't think that there was one person in our West campus that was not sad about their leaving us.  But over time, I've come to realize that it's going to reap such benefits and results that it was the only thing to do. 

 And so, in February 2013, they left and moved to Myrtle Beach.  Two things have happened since..  well, actually a lot MORE than just two things.. but.. first, we have secured a new pastor at our church, Chris Shelton (from the Charlotte area and former regional director at Samaritan's Purse).  And second, I joined the Launch Team for the new Myrtle Beach campus.  This means that I'm committed to serve at least six (6) weeks at the new location when it opens.

 And I started doing just that this past weekend.  Read the blog post (soon to come) about it. entitled "Myrtle Beach Preview Weekend".  It was a blast.  Sixty (60) people served in all, coming from ALL SEVEN of our other church campuses.  Thirty-six (36) of us rode a bus from North Carolina to Myrtle Beach (and got lost on the way back!).  But we had a wonderful time of fellowship and serving there.  And sixty (60) guests came to the Preview Service (exactly one for every volunteer).

                     [ you can read another story with more details @ my "Been There! Done That!" page]


My Church- High Rock!

   High Rock Church exists to give people of all backgrounds a second chance with life change through Jesus. We welcome everyone and offer the salvation that is only through the Son of God, Jesus Christ. 

THIS IS A COPY OF A TEE SHIRT that we recently gave to all people attending one of our services. It proclaims:  "I Got a Second Chance".  The number "2" is actually John chapter 8 (the story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery). 
   I was looking for two things when I returned to my hometown of Salisbury NC in October of 2009 after being gone for almost a year-and-a-half..  an awesome church and one that was close to my home.. I found both at High Rock I attended the very first service at our Salisbury West campus in November 2009 !

   God has richly blessed me through my experience and learning there, and the great people that I've met.. and it's only about a half-mile from my house.. walking distance !
Our baptism services {more like a Celebration Party} take place at nearby High Rock Lake, from which the church derives its name.  I've been to several of them, and even got re-baptized myself last summer.  It is a great experienceAnd a lot of fun!

  Ray Johnson, the guy who answered God's call about eight years ago, starting the ball rolling on what has become "High Rock Church: One Church in Multiple Locations."  We have eight campuses presently, the newest one opening in Myrtle Beach, SC on September 8, 2013.
Thank You, Ray!